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Welcome to Farsi with Mana
This is a place to improve your knowledge of Persian language and literature

Providing efficient and useful educational services is our main goal.

Classical literature

In this section, prominent works of classical Persian literature will be introduced.

Contemporary literature

In this section, contemporary poets and authors will be introduced.



Teaching Persian to non-Persian speakers

In this section, non-Persian speakers can improve their Persian language with the help of videos and educational books.

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About Mana

Hello friends

I am Mana Akhlaq. I have a PhD in Persian language and literature and I have been teaching in universities and international schools. As an Iranian, I intend to introduce Iranian and non-Iranian people to Persian language as well as the rich culture and literature of my country as much as possible. This website is planned in order to contribute to the better understanding of Persian language and literature across the world.

Suggestions and criticisms

مانا جان من با تو فارسی را یاد گرفتم و الان می تونم با همسرم و همه ایرانیها فارسی حرف بزنم.

سلام استاد عیدی من یادت نره